Set up by Maternity Leave Life's co-founder Lizzie Hammond, Hammond Hypnobirthing offer group and private hypnobirthing sessions in and around London. They're based in Dulwich, South London and have venues in Beckenham and Peckham and happily visit you in your home to run sessions. 

Don't be put off by the word "hypno".  There's no spell nor witch-craft. Hypnobirthing is purely demonstrating to women that they can trust their body to work as it was designed, whilst enabling them to release any fears that they may have around labour. Hammond Hypnobirthing's primary aim is to provide women with confidence in pregnancy and birth and this shines through in all of their courses. 

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About Lizzie

Hello! I'm Lizzie Hammond (DipHB(KG)), founder of Hammond Hypnobirthing.

I am a registered Hypnobirthing Practitioner having completed the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited course with Katharine Graves.

I've always been fascinated by the wonder that is pregnancy and birth and when I was little, I always said that I wanted to be a Midwife. I've spent 10 years working in London, distracting me from this passion and after having such a wonderful birthing experience with my son William, I set up Hammond Hypnobirthing to pursue my young ambition.

I first found out about Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with William, and initially I was sceptical. I'm pretty down to earth and anything starting with the word "hypno" sounded a little too alternative to me. However, I reluctantly began practicing Hypnobirthing with the mindset that I had nothing to lose and it quickly fell into place. It's quite the opposite of being airy fairy and alternative. It's totally logical and a large part that I particularly loved was learning about how the female body is designed to build, grow and deliver a baby, just as women have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. Hypnobirthing is about trusting our bodies to get on with what they were designed to do, without letting fears get in the way during labour.

So, I've come full circle. From being sceptical about Hypnobirthing to now wanting to spread the positivity of Hypnobirthing through teaching pregnant couples how to have an empowering pregnancy and birth. Even if you have any of the scepticism that I initially had, please do get in touch! Even if just for an initial chat. I promise Hypnobirthing will add lashings of positivity to your pregnancy and labour and it will help you to form an amazing bond with your birth partner and the super important baby in your tummy.

Lizzie and William just seconds after birth