Vintage Salt, Selfridges (W1)

Out shopping on a sunny day and need to refuel? Look no further than Selfridges, 5th floor, roof top terrace.  This season they've taken on the British Seaside theme at Vintage Salt and it's going down a treat.

Vintage Salt roof terrace bar at Selfridges, Oxford St

Vintage Salt roof terrace bar at Selfridges, Oxford St

By Lizzie Hammond

We love it because...  Let's face it, shopping with a baby isn't much fun for anyone.  However, if you need to go to Oxford Street for some reason, this is a great little hideaway to escape to and get away from the hustle and bustle of the shops below.  We were made to feel really welcome with the pram too and given an extra spacious table to make sure we didn't get in anyone's way. 

Pregnant women love it because... There's a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks at the outside bar.  From iced tea to virgin cocktails, they're served in a cool selection of jam jars and glasses making even an angelic drink taste a little more exotic. 

What's not so good... There's not much shade on the roof terrace for feeding.  Look out for the cute pastel beach huts as you enter the bar though and if they're vacant, they're the perfect shady spot to keep you and your little one out of the sun.

Top tip...  You can only get to the 5th floor roof terrace from one lift in Selfridges.  It's in the cosmetics hall on the ground floor.  Despite getting confusing directions from various staff members, it took us an age to find, so make sure you ask a staff member to personally take you to the lift to avoid the maze.