The Crooked Well, Camberwell (SE5)

A pub may not be your first choice for a Mummy and baby coffee morning, but the Crooked Well is a great option.  There’s certainly no smell of stale beer in the carpets and it feels like a lovely location for babies and Mummy’s to hang out and drink coffee.  

Bugaboo buggy park at the Crooked Well

Bugaboo buggy park at the Crooked Well

By Lizzie Hammond

Why we love it...  The Crooked Well is an unexpected location for a Mum and baby coffee morning which means it's not too busy and has an intimate atmosphere, making it easy to chat to other local Mums (or keep yourself to yourself if you're in that kind of mood...and we wouldn't blame you!).  For us it was also a good chance to venture away from the usual coffee spots and explore something a little different. 

When to go... Tuesday mornings from 10:30.  The children's play mats are cleared away at around 1pm, but there's definitely no feeling that you're being kicked out at that point.  Quite the opposite in fact, especially with the tempting 2 course lunch on offer to stick around for.

Top tip...  Yes, the Crooked Well Mum and baby coffee morning is great.  But, the Crooked Well is also delicious for a grown up trip, especially for Sunday lunch so make sure you check out the menu for that too.