Park Run (parks across South London)

Are you looking for a family friendly exercise option - with very gentle competition? Try the weekly 5km Park Run, held at various locations across South London including; Dulwich park, Peckham Rye, Crystal Palace, Burgess Park, Norman Park in Bromley....and many more.

We love it because... Park Run has such a great vibe. It's run by volunteers and attracts all sorts of genuinely lovely people. Basically, it's an organised, timed, 5km run, every Saturday morning, held at various locations across South London and the UK. At the end you get given your time and if you continue to go week after week, you can track your times online to see how you compare with others and most importantly, with your own PB.

When to go... The runs start at 9am every Saturday morning. We'd recommend getting to the park around 8:45 to suss out where the start line is and also get to know some of the fellow runners/joggers/stop-and-walkers! 

Top tip... Take the family with you! Participants at Park Run come in all shapes and sizes so there's no need to feel intimidated (or embarrassed when a 9 year old overtakes you at what you thought was your maximum sprint). Lots of parents run with prams, children and I've even seen someone running with their dog! Everyone's really encouraged to get involved and have fun, without any strong competition. 

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