THE INTERVIEW: Tina Perridge, Neighbourhood Midwives

Has your time spent on maternity leave made you think about changing your career? Read Tina's story. After having her fourth child she decided to retrain in Midwifery and now provides the most wonderful independent midwifery care with Neighbourhood Midwives.

Tell us a bit about Neighbourhood Midwives

Neighbourhood Midwives is a social enterprise offering private, independent midwifery care for women throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. We are fully insured and CQC registered. Neighbourhood Midwives was started by four Independent Midwives who were determined to obtain full insurance and also offer women and midwives a better experience. We are now in our third year of operation and cover London and the surrounding areas. 

When, how and why did you decide to change your career?

I have done a number of different things during my career. Originally I worked in general management in Local Government, I then moved into Lecturing in Management and Business. After giving birth to my fourth baby I became fascinated by childbirth and the experiences of women. After training as an NCT teacher I decided to take a huge step and train as a midwife. At the age of 44 and with 4 young children this was not easy but I met my midwifery partner Annie Francis and 20 years later, here we are, running Neighbourhood Midwives.

What tips would you give to new Mums to help them to make the most of maternity leave?

Plan it, get to know other women who are due when you are, stop working by 36 weeks if possible and plan for two weeks of complete rest after the birth. Get yourself some good postnatal care. Then, you can really enjoy those weeks or months with your new baby before returning to work.

Are there any other business mums out there who you admire?

My midwifery partner Annie Francis who works tirelessly to improve the opportunities for women and midwives. No matter what the obstacles are, she is ready for the challenge and will not give up.

Where in London are your favourite places to hang out with your family?

Joanna’s in Crystal Palace. We have probably celebrated every important event in our family life there. Other than that, it’s the Southbank. There's always something going on and there is a real buzz, plus I love the river. 

What’s next for Neighbourhood Midwives?

Onward and upward we hope! We really want to obtain an NHS contract so that we can offer our care to women as part of the NHS. We are involved with a new charity, “Midwives for Mothers”, and we are looking at a corporate offer for businesses. In the meantime, every woman who books with us becomes part of the Neighbourhood Midwives family and we look forward to welcoming many more over the next year.