What is hypnobirthing?

There's been lots of positive press about hypnobirthing recently and there's an exciting upward trend of couples using it to support them in pregnancy and labour. At first glance, some people dismiss it as hippy-ish and airy-fairy but this feature, written by Lizzie Hammond (founder of Hammond Hypnobirthing) provides a simple run down of what hypnobithing is and why you should try it.

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How would you describe hypnobirthing in one sentence?
In short, hypnobirthing is reminding women that their bodies are built to deliver a baby and providing them with information and techniques to support them, so that they can enjoy the natural process that is labour. 

Why should I do hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing provides you with knowledge and tools to be completely confident and excited about the birth of your child. It's such a wonderfully special time for you, your birth partner and your baby and hypnobirthing ensures this time is full of positivity, rather than being clouded with fear and nervousness about labour. 

What do you learn on a course?
Some content may vary depending on your teacher, but I can promise that none include swinging pocket watches and whale music as you may visualise when you hear the word hypnobirthing! Core topics covered include: 

  1. Biology: Understanding a brief overview of female physiology to appreciate what's going on inside a woman's body in labour.
  2. Relaxation: Learning relaxation and massage techniques to support pregnancy and labour, and retain a state of calm and positivity. 
  3. Medical options: Providing birth couples with information about medical options open to them in pregnancy and labour, so that they can make informed decisions
  4. What to expect: Giving couples an overview of what may happen in labour, so that they're aware of the different phases, including the wonderful 'golden hour' after the baby's born. 

Full details of content covered on Hammond Hypnobirthing courses can be found here

Lizzie is so friendly and knowledgable, and made us both feel at ease....I’m no longer scared of childbirth, as I am confident that I can have a relaxed birth. I have the knowledge and understanding of what my body is going through along with relaxation techniques.
— Michelle (Hammond Hypnobirthing Mum-to-be!)

When should I sign up for a hypnobrithing course?
Hypnobirthing can have a hugely positive impact on pregnancy and birth at whatever point you begin. However, the longer you practice for, the better results you'll have. It's therefore recommended that you start your course in your second trimester. if you're at a latter stage in your pregnancy, get in touch, as hypnobirthing can still make a massive difference. 

Do I have to choose between NCT and hypnobirthing?
Antenatal classes (like NCT) and hypnobirthing do have some overlap, but a full hypnobirthing course provides provides many additional tools to support you and ensure you're comfortable and empowered during labour. If you're already signed up for antenatal classes but still want to do hypnobirthing, the Hypnobirthing Essentials course is perfect for you and only £150 from Hammond Hypnobirthing.  

So, there you have it! Hopefully you now understand much more about why hypnobirthing is getting more and more popular and why you should consider it to add positivity and calmness to your pregnancy and labour. 

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact Lizzie at Hammond Hypnobirthing by emailing info@hammondhypnobirthing.com or visit the website for more details:  www.hammondhypnobirthing.com.